The Founder

Welcome to Pure Conscious Cannabis

My name is Grizz, aka Grizz D Pureman, I would like to introduce myself as the founder of Pure Anywear and Pure Healing Products. I am here to help educate the population on positive sustainable living with respect to all.

Growing up, I found myself gravitating toward the greener things in life. I enjoyed the entire aspect of growing a plant and harvesting its spoils. This lead me to focus my college studies on horticulture. I attended Cal Poly Pomona where I graduated in 1995 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Horticulture. During my studies I found myself captivated by the cannabis plant. I have been growing, developing, and refining my art ever since. After growing cannabis for over 20 years I have developed a passion for helping people through the products I make and offer. I belive in an all natural philosophy and being a vegan most my life has transcended into my farming practices utilizing living soil and the “No-Till” method of organic farming.

After graduation I moved to Truckee to pursue a career as a silviculturist with The U.S, Forest Service and snowboarding. Working seasonally gave me a lot of extra time and wanted to do something on my own so I had the idea to start a snowboarding company that was eco friendly. In 1997 I came up with the Pure concept.

Not long ago, I found out that one of my oldest and dearest buddies was suffering from Progressive Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis. I used my knowledge and experience with cannabis as a medical treatment and focused my grows on plants that would provide relief for my friend and others suffering for a myriad of reasons. Together we started a Non-Profit Compassionate Collective under Proposition 215 and with that lead to the creation of our medicinal lines of cannabis, and a medical marijuana delivery service, Farm Fresh MMD. After the passing of the Adult Use Act for Recreational Marijuana Prop 64 a lot was in question and not many answers. As of January, 2019 we had to close the Collective and shut down the delivery service. This motivated me to revitalize my hemp clothing line, Pure Anywear, and have this new website built combining the clothing and cannabis products.

Give Thanks,